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6/5/2012AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Assumes Management of Silverado Self Storage in Las Vegas, NV
6/4/2012Former G&E SVP Joyce Named Principal at CLW
5/3/2012More Storage Facilities Joining the Fight for the Kure
3/28/2012CLW Real Estate Services Group Welcomes Tim Joyce
1/10/2012Another Self Storage Company Getting in on a Good Green Thing
7/19/2011AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Acquires Storage Solutions of Corinth in Dallas Suburb
4/14/2011AC Self Storage Solutions Acquires Nashville-Area Facility
4/13/2011Calif. Self Storage Company Pays Cash for New Acquisition
3/22/2011Axxcess, Winthrop Fund TICs, Trusts, REITs
3/22/2011Axxcess Capital and Winthrop Realty Trust to Provide Liquidity for Sponsors, Managers and Investors in Fractional Ownership Structures
2/14/2011Axxcess Capital Names New COO
1/14/2011Thinking Inside the Box
1/9/2011Axxcess Capital and Troy Downing form Joint Venture to Acquire $1 Billion in Self-Storage Properties Nationwide
1/6/2011Axxcess JV Plans $1B in Self-Storage Acquisitions
10/4/2010Axxcess Realty Advisors will Manage Two Overland Park Office Campuses
8/19/2010Double X's Mark the Spot
8/6/2010Axxcess Capital Forms, Names Spiro CEO

Other Commercial Real Estate News

7/27/2016 Excess Rooms Push Hotel Owners to Cut Rates in China
A glut of hotel rooms in Chinese cities is forcing owners to slash rates in a bid to attract customers. Read More »
7/26/2016 Facebook's Answer to Silicon Valley Housing Crunch: Build Apartments
Concerns about Silicon Valley’s housing shortage are turning Facebook into an apartment developer. Read More »
7/26/2016 EverBank in Talks to Be Acquired for $2.5 Billion
EverBank said it is in advanced negotiations with a financial services firm to be acquired for roughly $2.5 billion, potentially leading to one of the biggest banking takeovers since the financial crisis. Read More »
7/20/2016 Big Chinese Developers Push Into Hong Kong Market
China’s property developers are aggressively bidding for prime public land in Hong Kong as competition heats up in a sector where Asia’s wealthiest tycoons built their fortunes. Read More »
7/19/2016 Arkansas Bank Fills a Lending Void
Bank of the Ozarks has stepped into a void left by bigger banks that have pulled back from commercial lending in recent months amid softness in big markets such as New York and Houston. Read More »
7/19/2016 Investors Go Bargain-Hunting for U.K. Property
Global investors are on the hunt for U.K. property bargains, expecting that Brexit-fueled economic turmoil could weaken real-estate values. The drop in the value of sterling has only increased the appeal. Read More »
7/18/2016 Wells Fargo's Response to Brexit? Buying in London's Financial District
Wells Fargo agreed to spend about $400 million on a new property in London and consolidate its operations there, a move that comes just under a month after U.K. voters chose to leave the European Union. Read More »
7/18/2016 Newmark Hires Fred Smith From Cushman & Wakefield
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, has lured Fred Smith, an office leasing broker who had worked at Cushman & Wakefield for 31 years, to be a vice chairman in its New York office. Read More »
7/17/2016 Opponents Seek to Stop Government's Sale of Plum Island
The 840-acre island, just off the eastern tip of Long Island’s North Fork, is home to rare plant species, endangered birds and a few conspiracy theories. Read More »
7/17/2016 After East New York Zoning Change, City Pushes Job Growth
An industrial tract in East New York is the linchpin of a plan by Mayor Bill de Blasio to bring more jobs and affordable housing to one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods. Read More »
7/15/2016 Re-Imagining the Former Toys 'R' Us Store in Times Square
Hidden behind a wooden construction wooden facade in Manhattan’s Times Square is the skeleton of the former flagship Toys “R” Us store, now being converted into locations for Gap and Old Navy. Read More »
7/13/2016 Plenty of Room: Co-Working Office-Space Business Takes Off
The co-working business is mushrooming, with new locations popping up in old warehouses and new skyscrapers alike, as small and medium-size businesses opt for work spaces where members share common spaces. Read More »
7/13/2016 Brexit Adds Chill to Slumping Commercial Property Sector
Wall Street is bracing itself for what could be a prolonged slump in the commercial real-estate-services sector, as Brexit’s repercussions ripple through the market. Read More »
7/12/2016 Shoppers Are on Alert for More Than Bargains at Malls
Consumers and mall landlords are paying more attention to security issues amid the spate of shootings in public areas in recent months. Read More »
7/12/2016 Mall Owners Push Out Department Stores
Once the linchpin of American shopping malls, department stores are being displaced by newer types of retailers that do a better job of driving shoppers to the centers and lifting overall mall sales. Read More »
7/11/2016 Developers Turn to Materials of Old to Stand Out in Modern Era
Some developers in New York City are increasingly relying on terra cotta and other materials used extensively in the construction of buildings in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Read More »
7/6/2016 An Industrial Alley Gets New Life as Leafy Lane
Once a passageway for trucks, the gated walkway runs behind the Printing House condominium in the West Village. Read More »
7/6/2016 A Silver Lining for Irish Office Sector Post-Brexit?
The U.K.’s surprise vote last month to leave the EU will likely create a short-term slowdown in deal activity in Ireland’s office market, but analysts say that landlords and investors actually may benefit in the long term. Read More »
7/6/2016 In a Post-Brexit World, Will Ireland's Real-Estate Rush Fizzle?
Ireland’s commercial-property market is suddenly looking more subdued after Brexit. Some of the negative impact will likely be felt by NAMA, the so-called bad bank formed to manage troubled real-estate assets. Read More »
7/6/2016 Will Ireland's Hotel Boom Slow After Brexit?
Ireland’s hotel industry is going through its biggest boom since the global economic downturn. But the surprise vote by the U.K. to leave the EU raises questions about whether conditions in the hotel industry will stay rosy. Read More »
7/5/2016 Ireland's Thriving Retail Landlords Face Threat From Brexit
Ireland’s market for retail properties has been strong, with store sales and rents climbing amid a healthy economy, but the U.K.’s decision to leave the EU could hurt the sector. Read More »
7/5/2016 Standard Life Suspends Trading in U.K. Property Fund, Citing Brexit Withdrawals
Standard Life Investments has suspended trading in the £2.9 billion Standard Life Investments U.K. Real Estate Fund and its associated feeder fund. Read More »
7/1/2016 Brexit Vote Casts Shadow Over London Building Boom
Goldman Sachs’s London headquarters is one of at least 20 new buildings being built by foreign financial-services companies. While most say that they haven’t changed their mind on construction yet, their sites are a symbol of post-Brexit risks for the finance industry and for Britain. Read More »
6/30/2016 Underground Library in Manhattan Rewrites Design Rules
The new public library on West 53rd Street in Manhattan might be mistaken for a SoHo boutique. The New York Public Library’s signature lion logo is the only giveaway that books are inside. Read More »
6/29/2016 Larchmont Residents Rush to Save Theater
With the 83-year-old Larchmont Playhouse up for sale, a group of residents of the town northeast of Manhattan are raising money and trying to find a way to keep the theater going. Read More »
6/29/2016 Brexit Vote Roils Real-Estate Markets
Investors are dumping property shares in Britain and developers are reassessing projects following the U.K. vote to leave the EU. Read More »
6/29/2016 Chinese Buyers Look Again at U.K. Property
As turmoil continues to grip U.K. markets, some in China are beginning to eye British property for potential bargains. Read More »
6/29/2016 GIC in Talks to Buy Owner of Manufactured-Home Communities
Singapore sovereign-wealth fund GIC is negotiating to acquire Denver-based Yes Communities, an owner of manufactured-housing communities, in a deal valuing Yes at more than $2 billion. Read More »
6/27/2016 Classic Waldorf Hotel to Be Gutted, Up to 1,100 Rooms Turned Into Condos
The Chinese acquirer of New York’s Waldorf Astoria is finalizing plans for an extensive overhaul that would shut the landmark hotel for up to three years and convert as many as three-quarters of its rooms into private apartments. Read More »
6/26/2016 Appetite for Casual Restaurants Grows Among City Building Owners
As fast-casual restaurants, juice shops and gourmet coffee bars have been expanding their presence in Manhattan, they are finding a receptive audience not only among consumers but also building owners. Read More »
6/26/2016 A New Generation Takes the Helm at the William Kaufman Organization
After Robert Kaufman died earlier this year, his grandson, Jonathan Iger, took sole control of one of New York’s real estate dynasties. Read More »
6/23/2016 Trump No-Show Earns City's Ire in Bench Battle
New York City officials fined Donald Trump $10,000 after his representatives failed to show up at a hearing to explain why a bench remained missing from the Trump Tower lobby. Read More »
6/22/2016 REIT Sector Gets Lower Marks on Pay Plans
The real-estate investment trust industry, which has gotten high marks in recent years for adopting compensation programs that investors like, has suffered a bit of slippage in 2016. Read More »
6/21/2016 Rising Supply Pressures Urban Rental Boom
After a five-year boom in which rents have jumped by about 20% nationwide, some of the nation’s biggest cities—New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston among them—are beginning to see slower increases. Read More »
6/21/2016 U.K. Property Market Braced for Brexit
If Britons vote to leave the European Union on Thursday, real-estate prices—from homes to London office towers—are expected to drop, but a weaker pound could spur a buying spree among foreign investors. Read More »
6/21/2016 IKEA Plans Upgrades, Expansion in Russia
IKEA Centers Russia plans to invest about $2.1 billion to redevelop its portfolio of 14 properties in the country anchored by the namesake furniture retailer. Read More »
6/19/2016 Rudin Family's New Firm Offers Tech to Run Buildings
The Rudin family has launched a company called Prescriptive Data that offers an operating system designed to be a building’s “brain.” Read More »
6/14/2016 Hong Kong Builders Embrace Art, Design
Real-estate developers are seeking more flair to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Read More »
6/14/2016 Online Retail Gives Industrial REITs a Lift
Investors in recent years have been ho-hum about online shopping’s potential as a growth engine for companies that own warehouses and distribution centers. Now Wall Street is giving that a rethink. Read More »
6/8/2016 Airbnb Will Collect Hotel Tax for Hosts in Connecticut
Airbnb has reached an agreement with Connecticut to collect hotel taxes on behalf of people who rent their homes using the short-term rental business. Read More »
6/8/2016 Malls Embrace High-Tech to Entice Shoppers
Some mall landlords are pouring money into technology, investing in mapping functions to help shoppers find parking spaces and navigate mall corridors. Read More »
6/8/2016 Wyndham Unveils Major Rebranding Plans for Its Hotel Chains
Wyndham Hotel Group is expected to announce new marketing campaigns and decorating schemes on Wednesday for its brands, including Super 8 and Travelodge, to fine-tune each chain’s identity. Read More »
6/8/2016 Missing From Trump's New Hotels: the Family Name
Donald Trump has put his name on everything from bottled water and fragrances to airlines and vineyards—but don’t look for it on his new chain of hotels. Read More »
6/7/2016 IRS Shuts Down Remaining Channels for REIT Spinoffs
The IRS shut down an apparent gap in a tax law that otherwise could have allowed companies across industries to continue spinning off their property holdings into tax-advantaged real-estate investment trusts. Read More »
6/7/2016 Real-Estate Magnate Faces Criticism on Proposed Deal
Nicholas Schorsch, whose real-estate empire was rocked by an accounting scandal two years ago, has come under fire from an independent director who resigned from one of the companies Mr. Schorsch manages. Read More »
6/6/2016 Countrywide PLC Offers Fixed-Rate Online Service
Countrywide PLC said it is launching a new fixed-rate online service as a response to the growing customer demand of managing the process of buying or selling a home at a smaller cost. Read More »
6/6/2016 Builder Riles Up Unions Amid Push Into NYC Market
Gilbane Building, which has been making a big push into the New York City market, has become a lightning rod for construction workers battling to maintain the city’s status as one of the nation’s last union bastions. Read More »
5/31/2016 Pacific-Rim Property Firms Hurt by Slowdown in China Growth
China’s receding growth rate is taking its toll on listed real-estate companies throughout the Pacific Rim region. Read More »
5/31/2016 Investors and Japanese REITS: A Love Story
Japanese REITs have been a bright spot in Asia this year, helped by strength in the country’s real-estate market, negative interest rates, and direct buying by the Bank of Japan. Read More »

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