Press Coverage

6/5/2012AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Assumes Management of Silverado Self Storage in Las Vegas, NV
6/4/2012Former G&E SVP Joyce Named Principal at CLW
5/3/2012More Storage Facilities Joining the Fight for the Kure
3/28/2012CLW Real Estate Services Group Welcomes Tim Joyce
1/10/2012Another Self Storage Company Getting in on a Good Green Thing
7/19/2011AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Acquires Storage Solutions of Corinth in Dallas Suburb
4/14/2011AC Self Storage Solutions Acquires Nashville-Area Facility
4/13/2011Calif. Self Storage Company Pays Cash for New Acquisition
3/22/2011Axxcess, Winthrop Fund TICs, Trusts, REITs
3/22/2011Axxcess Capital and Winthrop Realty Trust to Provide Liquidity for Sponsors, Managers and Investors in Fractional Ownership Structures
2/14/2011Axxcess Capital Names New COO
1/14/2011Thinking Inside the Box
1/9/2011Axxcess Capital and Troy Downing form Joint Venture to Acquire $1 Billion in Self-Storage Properties Nationwide
1/6/2011Axxcess JV Plans $1B in Self-Storage Acquisitions
10/4/2010Axxcess Realty Advisors will Manage Two Overland Park Office Campuses
8/19/2010Double X's Mark the Spot
8/6/2010Axxcess Capital Forms, Names Spiro CEO

Other Commercial Real Estate News

4/30/2015 China's Fosun to Develop Luxury Property in New York
Fosun is planning to develop its second real estate foray in New York as it ramps up expansion. Read More »
4/29/2015 Financial Giants Set Up Tech Hubs in Manhattan
Several big-name financial services firms are opting to set up tech divisions in prime Manhattan real-estate markets outside of their headquarters because many increasingly see themselves more as technology companies. Read More »
4/29/2015 Debt Fuels Australia Property Boom
As house prices in Australia head ever higher, concern is growing about the amount of debt families are taking on. Read More »
4/28/2015 TIAA-CREF Purchases Remaining Stake in TIAA Henderson
Financial-services giant TIAA-CREF is buying the 40% stake in asset manager TIAA Henderson Real Estate it doesn’t already own for 80 million pounds ($122.6 million) as part of its broader move into managing money for sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other institutions. Read More »
4/28/2015 Federal Mortgage Agency: More Needed to Police Nonbank Lenders
A government mortgage agency says it needs more resources to police the growing ranks of companies rushing to fill the void left by big banks that have stepped away from the market for riskier home loans. Read More »
4/28/2015 Walker & Dunlop Has Big Expansion Plans for Engler
Engler Financial real-estate firm that specializes in selling apartment buildings in the Southeast, is about to go on a growth spurt in the wake of its acquisition this month by Walker & Dunlop. Read More »
4/28/2015 In Real-Estate Tech Firms, Europe Plays Catchup With U.S.
Technology services are catching investors’ eyes in Europe’s real-estate market, but they will have to outmuscle U.S. companies to succeed. Read More »
4/28/2015 The Four Seasons Restaurant Becomes a Battleground
The owner and preservationists fight over renovations proposed for New York landmark. Read More »
4/26/2015 Barclays Center Prepares to Go Green
Thousands of plants will form the largest green roof on a U.S. sports arena. Read More »
4/24/2015 21st Century Fox, News Corp Considering Move to World Trade Center
The final tower planned at the World Trade Center redevelopment could be dramatically altered under a proposal being discussed by 21st Century Fox Inc. and News Corp., which are considering a move to the site. Read More »
4/24/2015 1,700-Apartment Portfolio in New York City to Be Sold
A portfolio of about 1,700 apartments that was the subject of one of the largest foreclosure proceedings in New York City in recent years is being sold. Read More »
4/24/2015 In Park Slope, Housing Options Run the Gamut
Brooklyn neighborhood offers everything from Gilded Age mansions to modest studios. Read More »
4/22/2015 Equinox Fitness Clubs Expand to Hotels
Equinox is launching a hospitality brand intended for travelers willing to pay for high-end fitness facilities while on the road. Read More »
4/22/2015 Investors Turn to Big Real-Estate Funds
Investors are pouring money into real-estate funds, but a few giant fund firms are collecting the lion’s share of the spoils. Read More »
4/21/2015 Shopping Mall Developer Taubman Dies
A. Alfred Taubman, the self-made billionaire who cemented the enclosed shopping mall into American culture has died. He was 91. Read More »
4/21/2015 Mobile-Home Park Operators Get Boost
Low-cost housing demand is a boon for one of the industry’s least glamorous sectors: mobile-home parks. Read More »
4/15/2015 Up, Up and Away for Airport Hotels
JetBlue Airways is getting into the hotel business with a bid to convert the former TWA terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport. Read More »
4/15/2015 A Changing Nicaragua Attracts Resort Investor
A U.S. property-development firm is increasing its bet on Nicaragua, one of several developing countries that are attracting new tourism-industry investors. Read More »
4/14/2015 Plots: Loews Hotel Power Breakfast Set to Go Nationwide
The Loews Regency New York Hotel on Park Avenue is famous for attracting tycoons and deal makers looking to schmooze over breakfast. Now its owner is expanding the tradition. Read More »
4/14/2015 Racing to Buy Homes Sight Unseen
Residential real estate is becoming the next frontier for speed-based investing. Math-driven models powered by historical patterns can size up homes and calculate future income in minutes. Read More »
4/10/2015 GE Close to Selling Real-Estate Portfolio
General Electric is close to selling off most of its $30 billion in real-estate holdings, part of a broader effort to separate from a big finance business that has fueled the company’s profits but nevertheless rattled investors concerned about its risks. Read More »
4/8/2015 A Nazi-Built Resort Beckons New Dwellers
After decades of decay, a German coastal site operated by the Third Reich, the Soviets and the East Germans over the years is being converted into hotels and apartments. Read More »
4/8/2015 Chinese Insurers Move In on U.S. Property
China’s two largest insurance companies are making their first investment in U.S. commercial real estate, buying a majority stake in a $500 million project in Boston. Read More »
4/7/2015 Property Zooms Ahead in Philippines
Neighborhoods inspired by Beverly Hills, fast-rising office towers and swanky malls resembling landmarks like St. Mark’s Square in Venice: It might sound like China circa 2005, but this is the Philippines in 2015. Read More »
4/7/2015 Vornado Could Give Penn Station Area New Lease on Life
Vornado plans to invest in the down-on-its-heels area of Manhattan. Read More »

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