Press Coverage

6/5/2012AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Assumes Management of Silverado Self Storage in Las Vegas, NV
6/4/2012Former G&E SVP Joyce Named Principal at CLW
5/3/2012More Storage Facilities Joining the Fight for the Kure
3/28/2012CLW Real Estate Services Group Welcomes Tim Joyce
1/10/2012Another Self Storage Company Getting in on a Good Green Thing
7/19/2011AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Acquires Storage Solutions of Corinth in Dallas Suburb
4/14/2011AC Self Storage Solutions Acquires Nashville-Area Facility
4/13/2011Calif. Self Storage Company Pays Cash for New Acquisition
3/22/2011Axxcess, Winthrop Fund TICs, Trusts, REITs
3/22/2011Axxcess Capital and Winthrop Realty Trust to Provide Liquidity for Sponsors, Managers and Investors in Fractional Ownership Structures
2/14/2011Axxcess Capital Names New COO
1/14/2011Thinking Inside the Box
1/9/2011Axxcess Capital and Troy Downing form Joint Venture to Acquire $1 Billion in Self-Storage Properties Nationwide
1/6/2011Axxcess JV Plans $1B in Self-Storage Acquisitions
10/4/2010Axxcess Realty Advisors will Manage Two Overland Park Office Campuses
8/19/2010Double X's Mark the Spot
8/6/2010Axxcess Capital Forms, Names Spiro CEO

Other Commercial Real Estate News

5/25/2016 One of Honolulu's Last Big Coastal Plots Gets Developed
Howard Hughes Corp. is redeveloping 60 acres between downtown Honolulu and Waikiki, with plans to transform a low-density shopping and industrial area to residential and park space with potentially more than 20 towers. Read More »
5/24/2016 The Next Big Housing Short: a $6.5 Billion Bet Against Australia's Banks
The funds are placing a large number of ‘short’ wagers on Australia’s biggest banks, among the world’s most profitable, suggesting the lenders might be headed for trouble. Read More »
5/24/2016 Property Debt Mounts Up in U.K.
A rise in U.K. commercial real-estate lending last year has pushed the total amount of outstanding property debt higher for the first time since 2008. Read More »
5/20/2016 Port Authority to Pay $12.3 Million to World Trade Center Contractor
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has reached a deal to end an $87 million payment dispute with a Canadian construction firm that helped build One World Trade Center. Read More »
5/19/2016 In Midtown, a Changing of the Seasons
The Four Seasons is preparing to end its half-century run in Manhattan’s Seagram Building by mid-July, but its co-owners aren’t done with the restaurant business just yet. Read More »
5/19/2016 Bahrain Fund Buys Stake in U.S. Office Buildings
The sovereign-wealth fund of Bahrain on Thursday bought a 49% stake in a portfolio of seven office buildings spread between Phoenix and Dallas. Read More »
5/18/2016 Architect Richard Meier Changes His Palette for New Tower
Architect Richard Meier, known for his buildings in a narrow spectrum between radiant pearl and creamy beige, has designed a residential tower now under construction on Manhattan’s East Side that is white. Read More »
5/18/2016 Taiwan: The World's Geniuses of Garbage Disposal
How the island, with landfills not far from capacity, became one of the world-wide leaders in recycling. Read More »
5/18/2016 Now for Sale in Chicago: Prime Catholic Church Real Estate
The Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago has tapped an adviser to sell a prime site across the street from its 140-year-old Holy Name Cathedral in a deal that could be worth as much as $100 million. Read More »
5/18/2016 Real-Estate Lawsuits Surge in China
The slumping property markets in many Chinese cities are generating one kind of boom: in legal disputes. Read More »
5/17/2016 Deal to Put Towers in Brooklyn Bridge Park Is Set Back
State officials, citing potential conflicts linked to various investigations of Mayor Bill de Blasio, blocked a deal on a long-delayed plan to put up two apartment towers inside Brooklyn Bridge Park. Read More »
5/15/2016 Brooklyn Brewery Taps Navy Yard for Expansion
Brooklyn Brewery has cut a deal to move its headquarters to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where it will lease 75,000 square feet. Read More »
5/13/2016 Malaysian Leader Najib's Stepson Allegedly Funded U.S. Property Deals With 1MDB Money
At least $50 million allegedly diverted from a state investment fund in Malaysia was spent on luxury properties in New York and Los Angeles by the stepson of the Malaysian prime minister. Read More »
5/12/2016 U.K. Plans Public Register of Property Owners
Prime Minister David Cameron said the U.K. is creating a public register showing the true owners of property and companies in the nation and urged other nations to do the same. Read More »
5/11/2016 London Office Construction Reaches New Highs Despite Brexit Uncertainty
Work started on 51 new office buildings in London from October to March, according to Deloitte LLP, more than in any six-month period in past 20 years. Read More »
5/10/2016 Mall Landlords Go for Novelty in China
Chinese landlords are trying a variety of strategies to combat oversupply and declining foot traffic in the country’s malls. Read More »
5/10/2016 Luxury Condo Boom Is Ending in Manhattan
Demand in Manhattan’s super-high-end condo market has dried up amid global economic jitters, just as the market has been flooded with supply. Read More »
5/4/2016 Egypt Hopes for Hotel Market Revival
New hotel openings have become increasingly scarce in Egypt since 2011 after the so-called Arab Spring. But the Ritz-Carlton is one of a few hotel companies that is forging ahead in the country despite the tourism slump. Read More »
5/4/2016 Soft Power: China Backs Egypt's New $45 Billion Capital
An alliance to build a new capital for Egypt between Egyptian authorities and a major Chinese state-owned developer shows how Chinese businesses are taking advantage of opportunities created in emerging markets. Read More »
5/4/2016 Egypt Tries to Fix Its Housing Shortage
Egypt’s housing ministry is taking steps to solve its housing shortage by offering more than 500,000 state-subsidized units for low-income people. The success of the program would mean achieving what previous governments failed to do. Read More »
5/3/2016 Domestic Investors Pour Money Into Egypt's Property Market
Egypt’s real-estate market is flourishing, thanks to many Egyptians who believe that property is their safest investment option. Read More »
4/27/2016 Alphabet Harbors Plan to Build 'Smart' Cities
Google parent Alphabet has legions of Web developers. Soon it might be in need of real-estate developers as it plans to delve into an ambitious new arena: city building. Read More »
4/27/2016 Upscale Shopping Centers Nudge Out Down-Market Malls
Retailers are abandoning a decades-old strategy of growing sales by blanketing cities with stores, as consumers shop more online. Their shifting habits have prompted chains to close stores in secondary malls. Read More »
4/26/2016 Russian Property Mogul Sets His Sights on Miami
Billionaire Vladislav Doronin has more than 70 real-estate developments or projects in the works in his native Russia. Now he’s turning his sights on the U.S., starting with a Miami luxury condo with his partner Italian fashion house Missoni. Read More »
4/24/2016 Manhattan's Auto Row Is Attracting Office Developers
A $100 million project on Manhattan’s Auto Row that has billionaire William Ackman as an investor shows how a stretch on the far West Side is turning the corner from industrial hinterland to office magnet. Read More »
4/22/2016 MoMA Announces $100 Million Gift From David Geffen
Entertainment mogul David Geffen donated $100 million to the Museum of Modern Art to renovate and expand its Midtown campus. Read More »
4/19/2016 Singapore Struggles With Glut of Office Space
Singapore’s busy skyline is getting more crowded as the supply of office space surges, driving prices lower as developers scramble to attract a dwindling number of prospective tenants. Read More »
4/19/2016 Second-Tier Malls Have Their Fans
A diverse group of investors, including a U.S. hedge fund, a Canadian alternative asset manager and an evangelical Christian university led by Jerry Falwell Jr., are making big bets on beaten-down shopping centers. Read More »
4/19/2016 Australian Banks Tighten Mortgage-Lending Requirements for Foreigners
Australian lenders, who have enjoyed years of relatively low levels of bad debts, are losing their appetite for risk as the country’s red-hot housing market shows signs of slowing and stresses mount for resources companies. Read More »
4/13/2016 Senate Panel to Revisit Debate Over Visa Program
Lawmakers in Congress are gearing up for a new round of fighting over who should benefit from a federal program, known as EB-5, that offers green cards to certain foreign investors. Read More »
4/12/2016 A Cautionary Wind Is Felt in San Francisco's Office Boom
The tech boom has vaulted the San Francisco office market to become the hottest in the U.S. But behind this strength is a market packed with big bets on growth—risky wagers that could prove painful should the historically turbulent tech industry retrench. Read More »
4/12/2016 Brixmor Property Appoints New CEO
Brixmor Property Group has named the chief financial officer of a rival real-estate firm as its new CEO, two months after the company said its financial results had been manipulated and top officials had stepped down. Read More »
4/7/2016 Calgary Home Market Struggles With Oil Bust
The housing market in Calgary, capital of Canada’s struggling energy sector, has been hit so hard it makes the challenges faced by U.S. oil towns look relatively mild. Read More »
4/6/2016 Chinese Developers Aim to Expand in Canada
Chinese residential developers are widening their beachheads in Canada as demand for homes grows in part from people of Chinese descent. Read More »
4/5/2016 Surge in Land Prices Adds Froth to Vancouver Market
Rising land costs are putting added pressure on Vancouver’s frothy housing market, but many developers anticipate the Canadian city’s growing population and international appeal will continue to support the price increases they are passing on to consumers. Read More »
4/5/2016 Weak Loonie Lures U.S. Home Buyers to Canada
A weak Canadian dollar, which fell sharply against the U.S. dollar in 2015 and the early part of this year, is luring more Americans to Canada to purchase vacation homes. Read More »
4/5/2016 Staples Finds New Use for Stores: Office Space
Staples on Monday is expected to unveil a partnership with office-sharing startup Workbar to open communal work space at three Boston-area stores. Read More »
4/4/2016 South Bronx Sees a Rise in Market-Rate Rentals
Developers in the South Bronx think they have spotted an area of unmet demand: rental apartments that aren’t exactly luxury but are most certainly upscale. Read More »
4/3/2016 Office Property Market Posts Strong First-Quarter Growth
The U.S. office market grew at a strong pace in the first quarter, an indication of strength in the economy as employers continue to expand. Read More »
3/30/2016 Condo Bust Looms in Miami
Developers in Miami’s condo market have started canceling projects, slashing prices and offering incentives such as private-jet access to spur sales, an ominous echo of the housing crash. Read More »
3/29/2016 India's Supreme Court Asks Regulator to Sell Sahara Group Properties
India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the country’s capital markets regulator to sell Indian properties owned by conglomerate Sahara Group. Read More »
3/29/2016 Foreclosure Firms Reinvent Themselves for Better Times
Many companies that made their bread and butter addressing the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis are rebranding themselves and expanding into other areas of the mortgage and real-estate businesses amid the housing recovery. Read More »
3/29/2016 Bank of England to Tighten Up 'Buy-to-Let' Lending Rules
The Bank of England seeks to impose more stringent criteria for lending to buyers who intend to rent out their properties. Read More »
3/3/2016 Office Landlords Going Green in China
Chinese landlords are retrofitting buildings to reduce energy costs and improve air quality in hopes of distinguishing themselves from the competition in a market struggling with too much supply and an economic slowdown. Read More »
3/2/2016 Cresa Hires Former Cushman Executive as CEO
Cresa, a commercial-real-estate services firm that says it is one of the few brokerages that doesn’t suffer a conflict of interest, has hired a former senior executive of Cushman & Wakefield as chief executive. Read More »
2/23/2016 Startups Crash Real-Estate Brokerage Market
A new generation of tech-focused startups are charging into real-estate brokerage, rolling out an array of mobile services in hopes of grabbing a piece of the red-hot U.S. apartment market. Read More »
2/23/2016 Anchors Away: Malls Lose More Big Department Store Tenants
The rise of online shopping is battering the big department stores known as anchors that once lured shoppers to malls—leaving landlords with empty space and forcing them to undertake expensive overhauls to stay relevant. Read More »
2/23/2016 New Rule May Miss Target on Real-Estate Purchases
A new rule designed to lift the veil of secrecy from real estate purchased through anonymous shell companies in New York and Miami might not have the intended effect, real-estate lawyers and brokers said. Read More »
2/23/2016 Investors Play It Safe With Saint-Gobain Facility Deal
A venture of a private-equity firm and Mideast investor has purchased Saint-Gobain’s North American headquarters near Philadelphia in a $123 million deal that shines some light on how this year’s turmoil in the global capital markets is affecting commercial real estate. Read More »

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