Press Coverage

6/5/2012AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Assumes Management of Silverado Self Storage in Las Vegas, NV
6/4/2012Former G&E SVP Joyce Named Principal at CLW
5/3/2012More Storage Facilities Joining the Fight for the Kure
3/28/2012CLW Real Estate Services Group Welcomes Tim Joyce
1/10/2012Another Self Storage Company Getting in on a Good Green Thing
7/19/2011AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Acquires Storage Solutions of Corinth in Dallas Suburb
4/14/2011AC Self Storage Solutions Acquires Nashville-Area Facility
4/13/2011Calif. Self Storage Company Pays Cash for New Acquisition
3/22/2011Axxcess, Winthrop Fund TICs, Trusts, REITs
3/22/2011Axxcess Capital and Winthrop Realty Trust to Provide Liquidity for Sponsors, Managers and Investors in Fractional Ownership Structures
2/14/2011Axxcess Capital Names New COO
1/14/2011Thinking Inside the Box
1/9/2011Axxcess Capital and Troy Downing form Joint Venture to Acquire $1 Billion in Self-Storage Properties Nationwide
1/6/2011Axxcess JV Plans $1B in Self-Storage Acquisitions
10/4/2010Axxcess Realty Advisors will Manage Two Overland Park Office Campuses
8/19/2010Double X's Mark the Spot
8/6/2010Axxcess Capital Forms, Names Spiro CEO

Other Commercial Real Estate News

10/23/2014 'New Urbanism' Hits the Suburbs
Long Island is seeing a boomlet in alternatives to the long-treasured single-family home, from rental buildings near transit hubs for young people to multistory condo developments often aimed at empty nesters. Read More »
10/23/2014 London Real-Estate Market May Be Cooling
Homes in the U.K. capital have been among the hottest global assets in recent years, but signs continue to suggest the heat is escaping. Read More »
10/17/2014 Many on Renwick Street Embrace Development
Renwick Street, one of a few, largely hidden one-block streets in Manhattan, is coming out from the shadows with a burst of new development construction. Read More »
10/16/2014 Mortgage Rates Below 4%
Mortgage rates this week fell to their lowest level since June 2013, mortgage-finance company Freddie Mac said Thursday, as the jitters being felt in the stock and bond markets ripple throughout the economy. Read More »
10/15/2014 Agile Property Shares Plunge
Shares of Chinese real-estate developer Agile Property fell to a five-year low after the company said Chinese prosecutors have its chairman in custody. Read More »
10/15/2014 For Real-Estate Investors, It's Out With the Old
As foreign investors and pension funds push up prices for top-quality, low-vacancy office buildings, Boston Properties, one of the nation’s largest owners of existing office space is shifting gears. Read More »
10/15/2014 Plots & Ploys: SEC Approves New Rules for Nontraded REITs
The SEC approved rule changes for nontraded real-estate investment trusts and other alternative investments that will require more disclosure and more-frequent valuations from the trusts. Read More »
10/14/2014 Hilton Readies a Boutique Reboot
After a false start that set back its plans at least two years, Hilton Worldwide Holdings is launching a boutique-hotel chain that aims for a wider audience and lower room rates than some direct competitors. Read More »
10/14/2014 High Court Considers Rent-Regulated Leases
The state’s highest court weighed in Tuesday on a dispute over a plan by a bankruptcy trustee to sell the rent-stabilized apartment of an 80-year-old East Village woman to her landlord. Read More »
10/14/2014 Ruling Clears a Path for NYU Expansion
New York University has scored a court victory that could allow it to move forward with its plans to build about 2 million square feet of new facilities in Greenwich Village. Read More »
10/13/2014 New Entry in Meatpacking District
A Meatpacking District building that has been home to stables, a restaurant and more is being redeveloped as a Restoration Hardware store, according to people familiar with the deal. Read More »
10/13/2014 Extell in Talks to Buy Midtown Church Property
The developer of the One57 condominium project that soars 90 stories over Central Park is negotiating to buy property controlled by a Midtown church. Read More »
10/13/2014 Agile Property Says Prosecutors Have Chairman in Custody
Chinese real-estate developer Agile Property Holdings said Chinese prosecutors have its chairman in custody, dealing another blow to the struggling firm. Read More »
10/12/2014 Nearly Like Father, Like Son at CBRE
Peter Turchin followed his father into the real-estate brokerage business at CBRE Group, but his father, Martin, didn’t like the idea of him following too closely in his footsteps. Read More »
10/12/2014 What's the Deal: News Digest
A roundup of commercial property news from across the tri-state region. Read More »
10/12/2014 Stamford Tower Feels Office Market Drag
The weak Stamford, Conn., office leasing market is creating a headache for 400 Atlantic St., an office tower operated by Landis Group. Read More »
10/10/2014 Chic New Hotels, Cafes Liven Up Ludlow Street Area
Change is coming to Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side. New restaurants, hotels and retail stores are opening, replacing longtime bars and cafes that had been mainstays of the neighborhood. Read More »
10/9/2014 Building Removes Sex From Its Sales Appeal
Marketing shifts for the residential building at 15 William St. as the downtown area becomes more family friendly. Read More »
10/9/2014 Amazon Sets New Store on Busy Midtown Block
For its first physical store, Amazon has picked a bustling Manhattan block awash in the constant flow of office workers, shoppers and tourists headed to the Empire State Building across the street. Read More »
10/8/2014 Chinese Home Buyers Can Borrow Down Payments
Ping An Insurance, one of China’s biggest financial firms, is offering to lend money to home buyers for down payments, part of a trend that could help the housing market but has prompted worry about risks to the financial system. Read More »
10/8/2014 Office Buildings Go Up on Mere Speculation
Office projects are going up in London and elsewhere in Europe without the usual prerequisite of confirmed tenants, as investors embrace higher risk. Read More »
10/8/2014 Calpers Reboots Its Real-Estate Ambitions
The country’s biggest pension fund plans to increase its $26 billion of commercial real-estate investments by 27%. The boost would leave Calpers with its largest property holdings since before the financial crisis. Read More »
10/8/2014 Plots & Ploys: News Digest
Several potential buyers have expressed interest in acquiring New York REIT, a $1.75 billion real-estate investment trust, and more. Read More »
10/7/2014 Brandeis to Sell Its Vanderbilt Mansion
Brandeis—the Waltham, Mass., university—has been using a 1896 New York City house as an alumni center, and now it is marketing it for $33 million. Read More »
10/7/2014 Judge Approves Revel Casino Sale
A judge approved the sale of Atlantic City’s Revel Casino to Brookfield Capital Partners for $110 million, overruling the objection of Florida real-estate developer Glenn Straub, who said he didn’t get a fair chance. Read More »
10/7/2014 Hotel Operator Gears Up for Expansion
Highgate Hotels has sold a minority stake to private-equity firm Trilantic Capital Partners, setting the stage for further expansion by the hotel-management company. Read More »

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