Press Coverage

6/5/2012AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Assumes Management of Silverado Self Storage in Las Vegas, NV
6/4/2012Former G&E SVP Joyce Named Principal at CLW
5/3/2012More Storage Facilities Joining the Fight for the Kure
3/28/2012CLW Real Estate Services Group Welcomes Tim Joyce
1/10/2012Another Self Storage Company Getting in on a Good Green Thing
7/19/2011AC Self Storage Solutions, LLC Acquires Storage Solutions of Corinth in Dallas Suburb
4/14/2011AC Self Storage Solutions Acquires Nashville-Area Facility
4/13/2011Calif. Self Storage Company Pays Cash for New Acquisition
3/22/2011Axxcess, Winthrop Fund TICs, Trusts, REITs
3/22/2011Axxcess Capital and Winthrop Realty Trust to Provide Liquidity for Sponsors, Managers and Investors in Fractional Ownership Structures
2/14/2011Axxcess Capital Names New COO
1/14/2011Thinking Inside the Box
1/9/2011Axxcess Capital and Troy Downing form Joint Venture to Acquire $1 Billion in Self-Storage Properties Nationwide
1/6/2011Axxcess JV Plans $1B in Self-Storage Acquisitions
10/4/2010Axxcess Realty Advisors will Manage Two Overland Park Office Campuses
8/19/2010Double X's Mark the Spot
8/6/2010Axxcess Capital Forms, Names Spiro CEO

Other Commercial Real Estate News

7/1/2015 Housing-Hungry Hong Kong Weighs Price of Green Space
A debate is mounting over whether Hong Kong needs to sacrifice some of its green spaces as the government embarks on an ambitious plan to provide more affordable housing. Read More »
7/1/2015 Park Avenue Office Towers Mount a Comeback
New York’s Park Avenue is on track to see something it hasn’t seen in three decades: a major new office tower. Read More »
7/1/2015 Office Market Is on a Slow Roll
Employers took on 8.2 million square feet of additional office space in the second quarter, one of the stronger periods since the recession but a relatively tepid expansion by historical standards. Read More »
6/30/2015 Eccentric European Hotel Chain Says Hello to Hollywood
A French boutique hotel brand known for outrageous flourishes is hoping its risqué formula can translate across the Atlantic, starting with the opening of its first U.S. property in Los Angeles. Read More »
6/30/2015 Poland Lures More Major Warehouses
Poland is attracting more major distribution centers now that transport links with the rest of Europe have been upgraded. Read More »
6/30/2015 In Warsaw, Changes in Altitudes
A new wave of office construction is altering the skyline of Poland’s capital as the city goes through its latest surge of development. Read More »
6/30/2015 Foreign Property Investors Flock to Poland
Many are attracted to the country’s expanding economy and low real-estate prices compared with other markets on the Continent like the U.K. and France. Read More »
6/26/2015 Donald Trump the Politician Burns Trump the Businessman
Univision Communications said it would end its business relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, co-owned by Donald Trump, and not air the Miss USA pageant, following his remarks about Mexican immigrants. Read More »
6/25/2015 Developers Retain Clout in Albany
New York City real-estate developers continued to exert their power in the state capital this year even after their industry was associated with a series of political scandals. Read More »
6/25/2015 As Tax Break Sunsets, Developers Rush In
The threatened expiration of New York’s 421-a program spurred the biggest surge in building permits since 2008. Read More »
6/25/2015 Grupo Posadas Plans U.S. Expansion
Mexico’s largest hotel company is expanding north of the border, aiming to open up to 10 luxury hotels over the next five years in U.S. cities with large Hispanic populations and ones that attract Latin travelers. Read More »
6/24/2015 Calgary's Office Boom Skids on Oil Slump
When crude prices were high, the commercial real-estate market in Canada’s oil capital rivaled that of Houston. Now energy companies are cutting back, vacating a record amount of space even as construction of nine major buildings is under way. Read More »
6/24/2015 Boutique Bohemian: High-End Hostels Come to America
Investors are pouring money into upscale youth hostels, betting the next big market in hospitality will be the scruffy, cost-conscious backpacking crowd. Read More »
6/23/2015 New Leadership at Mack-Cali Promises Change
At the dawn of Mitch Rudin’s tenure atop Mack-Cali, the veteran CEO’s reputation as a strong manager faces its toughest test. Read More »
6/23/2015 Early Sales Bump Puts Spring in Home Builders' Step
Home builders got a bigger lift than many expected from this year’s spring selling season, with new-home sales rebounding strongly from the industry’s lackluster 2014. Read More »
6/23/2015 Darden Cooks Up REIT to Spice Profit
Darden Restaurants, the owner of the Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse, hopes to spice up profits by jettisoning much of its real estate. Read More »
6/23/2015 Below the Surface Lies Retail
Construction should start in about a month on a $14.5 million retail concourse named Turnstyle, two underground blocks on the corridor leading to the 59th Street-Columbus Circle subway station. Read More »
6/22/2015 Stonewall Inn, Historic Gay Site, May Become New York City Landmark
The city Landmarks Preservation Commission is scheduled to hold a hearing Tuesday on designating the Stonewall Inn as an individual landmark for its pivotal role in New York City’s social history. Read More »
6/21/2015 The Commish: For Broker, a New Career in a New City
Steve Morrows is leaving the brokerage side of real-estate industry in New York City to become an investor and a developer in the Atlanta area. Read More »
6/17/2015 Shoppers Are Missing From India's Malls
Developers rushed to build malls in India over the past decade, but far fewer people than expected have enough money to shop in them regularly. Read More »
6/16/2015 Office Towers Aim for a Cooler Vibe
Landlords in high-rise office buildings are refitting their offerings as fast-growing tech firms are seeking space with the character of older buildings and offbeat neighborhoods. Read More »
6/16/2015 Tyler Perry's House of Production Close to a Wrap
Producer Tyler Perry’s pending $30 million deal to purchase 300 acres at a former Army post in Atlanta for redevelopment into a movie-studio complex has run into opposition from community groups. Read More »
6/10/2015 REITs Overhaul Pay for Executives
Dozens of large real estate investment trusts are overhauling the way they pay top executives after coming under fire from shareholder advocates. Read More »
6/9/2015 Foreign Property Buyers Hope for Green in Ireland
Years after Ireland’s cataclysmic property bust, long-term investors from beyond the Emerald Isle are buying into the revival of its capital city. Read More »
6/9/2015 Boutique-Hotel Operator Checks In to Asia
Commune Hotels & Resorts is counting on a new acquisition to propel an expansion into the region, joining a number of lodging companies looking to export this type of hotel abroad. Read More »
6/9/2015 Brothers Make a Marquee Play
David and Simon Reuben have jumped into a messy saga in India that could decide who controls the historic Plaza Hotel and two other notable hotels in New York and London. Read More »
6/8/2015 55 Hudson Yards Signs Its First Tenant
The law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner has taken 83,000 square feet in the building, now under construction in the emerging West Side neighborhood. Read More »
6/4/2015 New York City Developers Are Wary Over Fate Of 421-a Tax Break
The future of the 421-a tax break, which has saved New York City developers billions of dollars, is the thorniest issue in the state capital, twisting political alliances, alarming the city’s real-estate interests and serving as another wedge between the state’s two top Democrats. Read More »
6/2/2015 Builders Spar With Government Over Labor Labels
Whether home builders’ workers should be called employees or independent contractors has become a bone of contention between industry groups and the Labor Department. Read More »
5/31/2015 The Meberg Family's Latest Challenge
Over three generations, they’ve built Consolidated Carpet into one of New York’s largest suppliers of flooring. Now, they’re battling nonunion competitors. Read More »
5/29/2015 In Bayside, Queens, a Sense of Continuity
Longtime residents of the community, a 25-minute train ride from Manhattan, say it’s a safe, familiar area with lots of affordable housing. Read More »
5/29/2015 For WTC Workers, a Bittersweet Moment
Construction workers at One World Trade Center got a preview of the observatory atop the huge structure on Wednesday. For many, it was a moment of culmination after years of work. Read More »
5/27/2015 Skeptics of Housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park Get an Opening
The de Blasio administration says it will seek state approval for the affordable housing it wants on the site. That opens a forum for those who don’t think Read More »

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