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Frequently Asked Questions

What role does the Axxcess Platform play in the financial industry? 

Our platform introduces a variety of vetted, alternative investment managers to the RIA, Family Office, High Net Worth and Broker Dealer communities.

What is the typical profile of one of our clients/managers? 

Our managers, have tremendous competitive advantages in their respective niches including real estate, fixed income, equities and commodities. Axxcess specializes in various investment vehicles including public offerings, Reg. D funds, hedge funds, debt placements and limited partnerships. All of our clients share three main core values: a focus on the appropriate balance of risk to reward, the understanding that capital preservation is paramount to any portfolio allocation, and a mutual commitment to building long-term relationships.

How does our firm add value to its partners (managers)? 

We traditionally partner with our clients early in the product development cycle, adding value in the following ways:

  1. Assist in identifying the correct channel in an effort to achieve the most efficient capitalization of the contemplated offering

  2. Structure the investment vehicle to most effectively pursue the identified channel for distribution

  3. Design and implement an educationally based and comprehensive marketing campaign

  4. Investor Relations

  5. Sale/marketing distribution and wholesaling

What Axxcess Capital assets can be leveraged by sophisticated investors? 
  1. Relationships- Our brand image and reputation attracts institutional investment managers seeking an introduction to our niche sources of capital

  2. Due Diligence- Our evaluation process is focused on capital preservation, an appropriate balance of risk/reward, and best business practices

  3. Education- Our firm holds periodic webinars where experts in their respective fields address various topic including: emergent investment and economic niches and trends, industry related legislation, regulatory issues, business development, and manager due diligence

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